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Aged & Distilled is a small software development company spread across the Americas in Seattle, Washington and Montreal, Quebec. Founded by Apple platform veterans, Aged & Distilled crafts high quality Mac and iOS software that aims to help others realize their visions and enjoy their work.

Guy English (@gte) has worked on several of the most high profile apps in the history of iOS, including the ground-breaking Tap Tap Revenge. Previous to his time as an iOS mercenary, he worked on Mac and iOS audio software at Rogue Amoeba and has a long history in the video game industry. He is also a co-conspirator in the Çingleton conference, blogs at Kickingbear and hosts several popular podcasts including Debug.

Chris Parrish (@twenty3) has been a developer on Apple platforms for decades. Originally working on layout and graphics software at Adobe Systems, he later was a co-founder of Seattle's RogueSheep. At RogueSheep he helped direct and develop the creation of several hit iOS applications, including the Apple Design Award winning Postage. He is also the co-host of the Apple development podcast The Record.

Thomas Unterberger (@ottokajetan) is a freelance designer and illustrator. Trained as an animator and filmmaker, Thomas has had a life long interest in all things visual. His work has been featured on the Apple Store, picked as Editor’s Choice and Best of Year by the App Store Editorial Staff, and nominated for a New York Emmy. He lives in Montreal with his wife and daughter.