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Use Napkin when you need to create an image that makes your point crystal clear. It's the ultimate tool for visual communication.

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Napkin is the ideal image markup application for OS X. Designers, software developers, artists, educators, journalists, or anyone that needs to annotate images will love how painless and powerful Napkin is. You'll be creating engaging results in no time. Watch our quick video to see how Napkin will make your life easier.

Import images

Start by placing virtually any number of images on a napkin and resize and position them as needed. Bring in screenshots with your favorite helper app or use our built-in screenshot feature. Napkin imports a wide variety of bitmap image formats including JPEG, PNG, and TIFF.

Call-out the details

Napkin's innovative Call-Outs allow you to emphasize precise details of images. Just focus the Call-Out on a portion of an image and it magnifies the content you want to highlight like magic. Adjust the zoom all the way to show individual pixel by pixel detail.

Mark it up

Napkin's unique scribbling interface makes it a breeze to quickly communicate your ideas without cumbersome tool-switching. Markup your images with text, shapes, and arrows in seconds just by drawing or typing. Napkin gets out of your way, letting you make your point in a natural and fluid process.

Export in a snap

When you are ready to share your work, Napkin makes export quick and trouble-free. Use the ubiquitous Share button to send your image or share to other apps. For a super-speedy export, drag our convenient File Pip from the toolbar to any destination that accepts an image. You'll be amazed how quickly you'll be expressing your thoughts.

And all the small details that add up


Napkin takes advantage of the very best features in Yosemite with a visual interface that matches.


Cut out the parts of an image you don't need to focus on the most important elements.


If there is any sensitive information you need to hide you can use one of our three redaction styles to block that out.


Connect thoughts to locations with arrows. Thick or thin, flat or pointy in any color you like.


Import screenshots by using our in-app screenshot tool. You can take a shot of an entire window or only a section.


Napkin's solo shape item can morph between a circle and a square and all the round-rects in between. Filled or hollow.


Create a beautiful layout with our auto-align, group and arrange functions. Make sure all your elements line up perfectly.


Napkin defaults look great, but you can still express yourself. Choose fills, sizes and text styles without complication.

Red Lines

Point out distances with red lines. Get exact pixel measurements when placed on top of images.

Detect Faces

Napkin detects faces in your images and will automatically create call-outs or redact them at the click of a button.


Add a number of decorative frames to images and text to give your feedback some character.


Napkin supports retina displays and can export retina resolution images, perfect for your new MacBook or iMac.

Thanks for all the kind words.

“I've done 2 sets of creative feedback using @NapkinApp, and both times the other person aced it. Think the app has paid for itself!”

- @vinyldust

“Just discovered Napkin - Screen shooting on Steroids! Have been waiting for this for years!”

- @eburgwedel

“I’ve used a number of technical drawing programs and this is by far the most useful. It has just the right amount of power without sacrificing simplicity. On top of that, it performs tricks that no other program can do.”

- Steve Bennett

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