We love you and really care about your privacy.

Your privacy is very important to us. Napkin and its related web services collect very little personal information about you and your activities. It is our policy is to never explicitly share any information about you or your activities to third parties. Below are the specific details of how your personal information is handled by the Napkin application and Aged & Distilled, LLC.

When you share an image with Napkin using your iCloud account, the URL to your image on Apple's iCloud server is stored at our web service hosted at the nap.kn domain. The service at nap.kn then generates a shortened URL that when visited will retrieve the URL to the image stored on Apple's server. Your image data is never stored directly on any Aged & Distilled, LLC operated servers. The name of your image, the expiration date of the iCloud URL and the iCloud URL are stored to enable our shorted links to operate.

The URLs to your iCloud hosted images generated by the nap.kn service are publicly viewable by anyone that has the URL. While the URLs are cryptic and difficult to guess or stumble on, there is no guarantee that anything you share through nap.kn service is completely private. If you have a strict need to restrict the viewing of images you share, please consider using another method or service with the appropriate safeguards.

If you sign up for the Napkin email newsletter you will be sharing your email address with Aged & Distilled, LLC and our mailing list provider. It is our policy to never share that email address with additional third parties. To learn more about the privacy policy of our mailing distribution provider, see their statement here.

If you contact Aged & Distilled, LLC to provide technical support, you will be sharing your email address with us. That address will be stored in our issue tracking database. We never share that information with any third parties.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us at support@aged-and-distilled.com