1.5 - Release Notes

This release is a significant update to Napkin – our biggest since launch. Version 1.5 includes many often requested major features and an updated visual style that is more at home on Yosemite. There are plenty of small fixes and enhancements as well.

You can now choose between a gradient or flat fill style for Shapes, as well as toggle between an outline and normal style. The thickness of Arrows can be adjusted and we have a new 'Flat Line' style that has no arrow head.

Napkin now has the ability to Crop images directly in Napkin so you no longer have to use another application to trim away the pieces you don't need. Finally be sure to check out the Blur and Pixelate redaction styles.


This update introduces changes to the Napkin document file format. The documents you create with the version 1.5 will not necessarily be fully compatible with previous versions of Napkin. Please be sure to make duplicates of any documents you still need to use in an older version.

The complete list of enhancements and fixes:

  • Napkin's interface and application icon have been updated for Yosemite.
  • Added the ability to switch a shape between a flat and gradient fill using the format bar.
  • Added the ability to make a shape hollow with a filled border using the format bar.
  • Added control over the thickness of an arrow to the format bar.
  • Added a 'Flat Line' style of arrow that draws without arrow heads on either end.
  • Added the ability to switch a shape between a flat and gradient fill using the format bar.
  • Images can now be cropped. Select the crop button in the format bar with an image selected.
  • Redaction now supports Pixelate and Blur styles as well as Black-out.
  • Added the ability to select JPEG instead of PNG format for images created by dragging the File Pip.
  • Added an action popover to image items. Click the blue gear icon on a selected image to do common operations like Crop and Redact.
  • Added a 'Preferences' window with control over auto-layout guides, interface sounds and auto-correction.
  • Text items now grow downward instead of maintaining a horizontal center.
  • Added a 'Paste and Match Style' command to the Edit menu for pasting text.
  • The Welcome Window can now be closed with the regular ⌘-W shortcut.
  • Scrolling in a Napkin document is now much, much faster.
  • Undo and Redo for many format bar actions now properly work.
  • Added Arrow item choice to the 'Insert' main menu and context menu.
  • Document scroll position is now restored without a jarring visual snap when opening a document.
  • Control-clicking on the canvas now properly shows the context menu.
  • Re-enable crash reporting, which had been accidentally disabled.
  • Make sure not to include the '.napkin' extension when naming files from the File Pip.
  • Napkin now more accurately sets the DPI of exported images to reflect images generated on retina or non-retina displays.
  • Arrows and Redlines now draw with sharper definition in some cases.
  • Bounding box drawn around shapes when resizing is now properly aligned.
  • Call-out adjustment popover now uses vibrant style on Yosemite.
  • Fixed a problem where holding Shift and adjusting the curve of a canvas item with the green-gripper would resize the item.
  • Tutorial popovers now size to fit their content and do not require scrolling.
  • Fixed problems with Text items being sized wrong when created by pasting text.
  • Redaction mode is now properly canceled when pressing 'Esc'.
  • Added new document file icons to reflect updated visual style.
  • Fixed a problem where the Welcome video would not stop playing if the Welcome Window was closed.
  • Updated the Welcome video to match new look and features.
  • Welcome video now ends on a nice poster frame instead of a black screen.
  • Updated many style defaults used when Napkin is launched for the first time.
  • Napkin no longer supports Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

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